Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Easter Bunny

It's dificult to see mammals in the wild.  For one thing a lot of them operate mostly at night.  They are also shy and can detect people with their ears and noses long before we detect them with our eyes.  What you have to look for is signs of mammals and as it's Easter Sunday today, what could be more appropriate than rabbits as a subject.

Not Easter egss, I'm afraid, but the next best thing.  Rabbits do a lot of damage to farmers' crops and to newly planted trees, but they also keep the grass short which allows other wild flowers to thrive. 

This little pile of goodies was on top of an old ant hill near post 8 on our self-guided trail.  Rabbits often choose a particular spot and revisit it to deposit more droppings.  This is known as a latrine.  See the map below for the location of post 8.  Beyond this post, volunteers have re-opened the path which leads through the valley woodland, by cutting back a lot of blackthorn.  The path is still a bit rough so be careful if you explore this part of Filnore Woods

See below

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