Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gateway from darkness to light

14 cubs from the 2nd Thornbury pack came for a guided walk round Filnore Woods on Wednesday evening, 16th May.  They will be doing their 'Naturalist' badge this year and so this was a first step on the way.  They were introduced to a number of wild flowers including Red Campion, Pignut, Cowslip and Hemlock.  They also learnt the names of some trees:  Bird Cherry, Beech, Yew and Oak.  One of the first plants that we all learn is the Stinging Nettle and there were plenty of those about as well.

The post in the middle of the pcture is post 17 on the self-guided trail

What they really enjoyed most was charging about in a wild place.  Quite right too, although the 'charging' bit meant that every bird within 50 metres flew away or hid in silence until the cubs had passed.  But it was a good beginning.

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