Thursday, 27 December 2012

Welcome Area

When Filnore Woods was first created in 1998, the area just inside the main entrance was just long grass.  We used it for woodland open days and by mowing the grass we created a pleasant welcoming area.  Here are some displays from the 2000 Woodland Open Day

Over the years it has got overwhelmed with brambles.  We have made a few attempts to clear it but thanks to our volunteers we made some real progress on Sunday 11th March this year, 2012.

There was already some grass visible between the brambles but five of us set to with slashers and loppers. .  .  .  .
.  .  .  .  .  and we managed to clear about half the area.  The brambles were 50% dead wood so we burnt as much as we could - great fun a bonfire.
Hopefully the grass will now grow and we can turn it back into a welcome area for open days and other events.  Unfortunately beneath the brambles are a whole lot of stinging nettles peeping through.  More work for the volunteers.

Further volunteer work on 28th March cleared the whole area and this was followed up by huge growth of nettles which re-grew after cutting several times.
It's now been strimmed off again.  Grass is spreading as well as several wild flowering plants.  Maybe next year a meadow?

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