Friday, 10 May 2013

Trees in flower

Here come the ash flowers and some ash leaves too. Have you heard the rhyme:

If the oak's before the ash we shall only have a splash
But if the ash precedes the oak we shall surely have a soak

Usually the oak leafs up first because it responds to warmth rather than day length, but this year it seems to be lagging behind the ash which depends on getting enough light before it hatches its leaves.

The mountain ash or rowan is no relation of the common ash, but it has similar shaped leaves so it is a bit similar to look at.  The rowan flowers are just poised to open and look very different to ash flowers.
Blackthorn has filled the hedgerows with its white blossom but is nearly over now.

And just in time, the May blossom is beginning to open on the hawthorn trees

Last year our Bird Cherry trees were in full bloom in mid April.  This year they are only just beginning to open.

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