Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New tools

Thanks to a South Gloucestershire Environment Grant we have been able to buy some new tools including 2 slashers, a rake, a hatchet, a lump hammer, a spade, two loppers and a post-holer (for digging narrow holes to put our numbered posts in).  Exciting or what?

The grant has also helped finance the new leaflets and a weather-proof leaflet holder, which is now attached to the interpretation board near post 1.

We try to keep it topped up with leaflets so let me know if you find it empty, on
We have applied for another South Glos Environment Grant for a tool store which we hope to install on the site of some old pigsties just inside the main entrance to Filnore Woods.
We also intend to buy some scythes in case mowing by the council becomes a thing of the past.  Aaaarrrh!  It's good to revive those old country skills.

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