Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tracking mammals

Although most people prefer mammals to bugs, trees and flowers, it is much harder to see them as they are good at hiding and often only move around much at night.  I have seen foxes, squirrels and rabbits at Filnore Woods on occasion.  But if you are really interested in furry wild animals you have to look out for things like plant damage, feeding remains or droppings.

So here we have some hazel nut husks, with most of the nuts removed by a squirrel.

And this pile of feathers suggests that a fox had a pigeon for lunch

While this fine piece of sculpture, containing both beetle wing cases and berries must be the product of an omnivore like a badger.

If you really want to study mammals you have to learn the different fragrances of their various poos.  Get on down there!

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