Thursday, 17 October 2013

Autumn birdsong

In summer the birds tend to quieten down a bit after the busy singing season in spring.  Now that Autumn has arrived a few of them are to be heard again.  Robins, who paired up to defend their territiories when bringing up a family, have now split up and what used to be a happily married couple has become a pair of fierce rivals for feeding territory.  The benefit for us is that they are both singing again - this is how they proclaim their right to a particular area of peckable real estate.
I have also heard a lot of bluetit chatter,
some chaffinch 'pink pink' calls 
 and even a chiffchaff

 Chiffchafs used to all fly south to escape the cold but in recent years many of them stay in Britain for the winter.

All these birds can be heard now in Filnore Woods

Thanks to various sources for the photos


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