Wednesday, 20 November 2013

November stroll

I took a few pics on my stroll round Filnore Woods.  Even on a dull day there is colour in the woods and fields.  As the leaves die they in turn will feed the growth of next spring.  Living and dying goes on all through the year, each dependent on the other.
Although it can overwhelm other plants, bracken brings an attactive splash of colour right through the winter.
Dogwood leaves are still painting the woodland edge.
Guelder Rose shines with both golden leaves and scarlet berries.

Rosehips glow like scarlet jewels.

Do you see a white patch along the path?

Somebody killed a pigeon here.  If it was a fox, the feathers would have been bitten off but it looks to me as though the feathers were pulled out.  This would suggest a bird of prey made the kill.
 There are still flowers to be found.  This pignut flower I found the other day usually shows between May and July.  But like the buttercup I found recently (29th Oct), it's having a late flowering.
And here is a mystery.  We haven't planted any horse chestnut trees and there aren't any nearby.  So who planted a conker here?  Was it a squirrel?  or a jay?  or a human? 


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