Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tool store

Located by Mike of Alan Coward Transport at Avonmouth, we now have our lockable tool store.  Standing forlornly amongst all the other, larger containers, we could see she needed re-homing. 

She is rather a startling white at the moment.  Suggestions for a less obtrusive appearance are welcome from all and sundry.  Email your ideas to 

Inside there is already some shelving in place.
Unfortunately the ground was too soft for the truck which brought her, so she was left just inside the field gate.  But thanks to Willy Grey and his John Deere tractor, Connie the container is now happily at her country seat.  It was touch and go getting her through between the ash trees, as Willy could not see where he was going with the container carried in front of the tractor.  We'll be showing the video at our AGM in April.  Don't miss it.
She is already useful as a store for our tools, which are now locked securely away.  We have also stored some beansticks inside in the dry, which we have harvested ready for the spring.


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