Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Conifers at Filnore Woods

 I am in Perthshire in Scotland at the moment and here there are some magnificent conifers mixed in with broad-leaved trees.  It is known as 'Big Tree Country'.

 Some wildlife prefers coniferous woodland as a habitat, including several species of fungus and insect.  Some birds,  such as coal tits and goldcrests, also thrive amongst conifers.  Here they face less competition from bigger birds who don't like the conifers.

                               Coal tit by Margaret Walker           Goldcrest by Ian at Lee's Birdwatching 

This means we could enhance the habitat at Filnore Woods by planting a few cone-bearing trees.

We have recently been donated a Norway spruce in a container.  It's about 6 feet high and would probably transplant into open ground and compete with the undergrowth.  

This could be the start of a small section of various species of conifer including larch, western hemlock and scots pine.  A good place would be the brambly area to the east of the old plantation, which was formerly a Northavon Council tree nursery.  

Watch this space!

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