Saturday, 7 June 2014

Coppice re-growth and ash regeneration

The hazel stools we cut in winter are now producing new shoots. 

At first they are pink until the chlorophyll gets going in the leaves. 

It will be interesting to see how tall the new shoots will grow this year. Some of the hazel is on the edge of the woodland, getting plenty of light. Further into the wood it is still pretty dark now that the leaves are all out. I'm thinking we should have done more thinning of the big oak and ash trees. Perhaps we will fell more in the next coupe we cut.

Field Maple trees that we felled are also sprouting coppice shoots from the stump

Other plants in this coupe include a lot of ash regeneration,

This is an ash seedling in its first year

Cherry suckers from the spreading roots of the one cherry tree there,

Barren Strawberry - no red fruit on this one, just little nutty seeds,

Wild Arum, which will produce spikes of red berries in autumn,


and Wood Avens

in profusion

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