Friday, 18 July 2014

Purple flowers

Purple flowers have appeared to feed the butterflies and bees.  The spikey one is the Scotch Thistle.

Its relative the Greater Knapweed is also rich in nectar but not prickly.

In addition we have the mauve Field Scabious, another butterfly favourite . . .
. . . and Great Willow Herb;  not sure what you would call this colour - magenta?

Simon Harding has taken some much more professional photos.  Here is a sort of mini-quiz from his images.  Which flower is it and who is sitting on it?  Answers in order below.







1. Field Scabious
2. Field Scabious + Burnet Moth
3. Greater Knapweed + Small Tortoiseshell
4. Field Scabious + Small Tortoiseshell
5. Greater Knapweed
6. A Knapweed, could be Lesser Knapweed + Burnet Moth
7. Greater Knapweed + Marbled White


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