Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Visit from Crossways Junior School

A few weeks ago, thanks to their teacher Sadie Tully, 16 members of Crossways Junior School, two from each class, came for a walk round Filnore Woods. Their classes are named after the trees Ash, Beech, Chestnut, Hawthorn, Juniper, Maple, Oak and Willow.  

After a slightly cautious start, they soon  all got into the spirit of the woods.

The wonder of beech nuts

Ash keys raining down on small heads. 
 "Do they really unlock a door in the tree
leading to fairy land?" 
"Only if you pick the right key."

One of our young visitors organised the others into seeing how many people it would take to reach all round this old tree.  I'm afraid I can't remember the answer.

We exlored the woods from bottom to top.  Some of the children were already familiar with the place and following this visit we hope more of them will take their parents there.

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