Saturday, 27 June 2015

Common spotted orchid

This common spotted orchid was photographed just by the main entrance to Filnore Woods.  Not only are the leaves spotted black but the petals have purple spots and streaks.

There is something rather exotic about orchids so let's hope they soon colonise Filnore Woods.  They need particular fungi to assist their minute seeds to germinate so a colony is hard to establish.

Simon Harding, our roving photographer, has 'spotted' several other orchids within 10 miles of Thornbury.

Bee orchids

More common spotted (I think)

Early purple orchid - spots on leaves but not on flowers

Pyramidal orchids - shorter, fatter flower heads

A lizard orchid - quite rare

and one beauty I am unable to identify - any suggestions?
Could be a white, spotless common spotted.

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