Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Pollarded willows

The willows near the 'White House', which we pollarded in spring, are producing lots of new shoots.  This is encouraging.  Next winter we may pollard a few more as several of them are breaking their branches. 

Pollarding is a type of management which allows willows to be repeatedly cropped for poles or basket withies.  It also keeps the tree to a manageable size and prevents injury and damage from large, falling branches.

In March they were just like standing logs.

In June they were sprouting nicely

Now in July they are quite bushy

 Interestingly the logs that were cut off and have been lying on concrete, contain enough moisture to allow the shoots to grow without any roots.  A log like this, placed on soil, might well sprout roots as well.  This is the willow's strategy for eternal life.

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