Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blackberries and the Devil

Now is the time to pick your Filnore Woods blackberries.

Some have gone over and shrivelled up but you can see in the photo that some are still ripening from green to red to juicy black.

Don't leave it too long though because on October 11th the Devil spits on blackberries and the taste is not so good - sort of 'thin'.  

The legend tells that the Devil was thrown out of Heaven on October 11th and landed in a blackberry bush.   If you've ever fallen into a prickly bramble bush you'll know why he takes his revenge every year on October 11th. 

In the Radio 4 series 'Natural Histories'  (highly recommended)  the next programme is about brambles.  'Brett Westwood explores how brambles appear in art, literature, forensics and religion.'

Radio 4, Tuesday 15th September, 11.00 am.

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