Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pied wagtail or 'The Chiswick Flyover'

Years ago I learnt from John Tully of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) to call the Pied Wagtail the 'Chiswick Flyover'.  For the uninitiated the Chiswick Flyover, opened in 1964, is part of the M4 in West London.

The reason for calling this little bird by that name is because when you come across it it calls 'chizzik' and flies over your head and away.  It's a good recognition feature.

Although they are fairly common in the UK, at this time of year we get a lot more of these from  the colder north and east of Europe.

You're more likely to see them on the pavement where they can run fast and catch the insects they feed on, but this week Rob, our bird recorder, saw several at Filnore.

Apart from the running and the 'chizzik' call, you will notice the long tail which it wags up and down when it stands still, like any other self-respecting wagtail.

Ladies and Gentlemen:  The Chiswick Flyover

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