Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Forest Schools at Filnore Woods

Several school and Scout groups have visited Filnore Woods and we have a couple of qualified forest school leaders who have been using Filnore Woods for a group of disabled people to get in contact with the natural world.
Nicola, Rachel and some other helpers, working with the Forest of Avon Trust, took a group into Filnore for several weeks to try out environmental and creative activities, including felling a small dead tree, painting with natural dyes, making a wooden xylophone and lighting a small fire (under carefully controlled conditions, of course). 

Suspended xylophones made from hazel wood

Art work

Paint not always on target


Jane Gulliver, co-author of '1,2,3 Where are You', a book of games for children in the woods, is also thinking of running some days for a group of children with special needs and their dads.

Great to have the woods being used as a resource for learning in the widet sense.

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