Monday, 28 March 2016

Revealing the hedge

The photo above, taken in September 2015, shows the hedge we laid last February.  It was hidden and almost overwhelmed by the summer growth of elder, burdock, nettles and goosegrass.  There are still a few gaps but by and large the hawthorn is growing back into a respectable hedge.   

The photos below, also taken in September 2015, show volunteers beginning to clear the bracken and bramble to enable us to access the next stretch of hedge for laying in spring 2016. 

Further work revealed that, as before, there was not much suitable material for laying.  It was either too large or the wrong species.  Elder, ivy and bramble do not produce good hedges.

Note the unused power line pole which we dicovered lying on the ground under the brambles.  This could make good 'legs' for some more bench seats.

Will, Allan, Eric and Anna in the jungle

Brett moving some of the cut material

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