Friday, 3 June 2016

Bank vole

This is a bank vole, almost indistinguishable from a field vole.  Bank voles are creatures of hedgerow and wooded places so we almost certainly have loads of them at Filnore.   They also frequent gardens, where this ne was rescued from a cat.

Bank voles are a bit smaller than their cousins the field voles but their blackish tails are longer.  

The field vole is also known as the short-tailed vole.  By now we will also have lots of field voles at Filnore in the grassland, running through little tunnels in the grass to keep hidden from hawks and foxes.  

Vole numbers drop in winter but they breed quickly in summer, with several litters of three to six babies.  These two species are an important food source for predators.  Like most prey species they don't die of old age.

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