Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Benchmark of success

Disappointed by the unauthorised removal and destruction of our viewpoint bench, we gained inspiration from the old telegraph pole discovered last spring when we were laying the hedge.

  Gone bench                            Telegraph pole

Part of the pole was decayed but we managed to salvage six 'legs'.

After much deliberation and planning, the legs were fixed in the ground and pressure treated planks were laid across the top and screwed firmly in place.

Deliberation                                 Construction

Result - bench number one.   Peter, Alan, Steve and Phil seemed pleased with their efforts.

Meanwhile over by the memorial limes Peter had made more excavations.  Legs were once again tamped firmly into place by an enthusiastic Phil.

Excavation                                     Tamping

And when all was levelled off the seat was screwed into place.

From bench 2 you can look down the hill or across the meadow to the viewpoint wood.

Bench 3 near the pylon was on stonier ground.  Quite hard work with the pickaxe.

But eventually the workers could rest from their labours and contemplate the view.

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