Wednesday, 5 October 2016


The black berries of Dogwood  (Cornus sanguinea) have ripened but are not for us humans to eat.  The scientific name   'sanguinea' means 'blood-red', the colour of the stems  in winter, which helps you to identify it.

When the leaves are still on the bushes, the prominent veins also help identification.  The parallel veins head out towards the edge of the leaf but then curve inwards and never reach the edge.

For the foolproof test for any of the Dogwood (Cornus) species, see my posting for 2 September 2013.

Dogwood never really grows into a tree but it is a very vigorous shrub as you can see all over Filnore Woods.  See how it has come back after coppicing, near the pylon.

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