Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Butterflies in black and white - or is it brown and orange

Now flying at Filnore Woods:

Our most spectacular butterfly now flying is the Marbled White.  They like to sunbathe and are relatively approachable.  They apparently show a preference for purple flowers to get their nectar.   

If the marbled white is easy to approach and photograph, the Ringlet is almost impossible.  They are very dark brown, almost black, with tiny white circles on their wings and a white edge. You don't notice them until they fly.  Then they flap listlessly between the grass stems and you think they will stop any minute but they don't.

Photo: butterfly conservation

A faster flyer is the Meadow Brown.  I managed to zoom in on this one  eventually but I kept losing him because he blended into the background so well.

All the above three butterflies are in the 'brown' butterfly section and their caterpillars feed on various grasses.  

The Comma butterfly lays its eggs on nettles.  It has a very ragged outline but is a very fast flyer so you may just see a flash of orange as it zips past.

Photo: BBC

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