Sunday, 6 January 2013


The male bullfinch is a very fine-looking fellow with his black cap pulled right down over his eyes and his rosy pink chest.

The female has the same patterning but no rosy front. 
She's a sort of monochrome version.

When they take off with a fast, undulating flight, you may notice the white wing stripes and rump against the black tail and wing feathers.

I have seen bullfinches round the Thornbury leisure centre car park sitting in bushes and trees, pecking the buds, especially on hawthorn.  They can be a real menace in orchards as they destroy some of the blossom.  As you will see from the bird survey figures posted on 26th November, bullfinches are active in Filnore Woods.
They have a quiet call "few few"  or maybe it's
"phew phew".  As with many birds, it's the call that tells you they are there and then you can start to look for them. 

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