Sunday, 2 June 2013

Scything Sunday

Twelve of us gathered today at Filnore Woods for a demonstration of scything.

Martin from the Berkeley Fishing Syndicate brought along four scythes and three colleagues to give us an introductory talk and demonstration about using scythes.
We all had a go at assembling the scythe, using it and disassembling it safely.  It was really inspiring.  The swish swish of the blade zipping through the grass on a glorious, sunny, birdsong-filled morning.  The rhythmic swing of your hips and shoulders is almost hypnotic.  All of us found it an enjoyable experience.
We have decided to buy three scythes to clear the grass paths.  Mowing the whole grassland at Filnore may have to wait a bit.
Paul has offered to be in charge of the tools and Steve has some space to store them.  The challenge now is what to do with all the cut grass.  We may just stack it on site to rot down.  But if anyone wants any hay, please get in touch.
Martin shows how to attach the blade to the snath (handle)

Cynthia is ready to rumble

Rob cuts a mean swathe


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