Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tweet of the day

Song thrush  (RSPB)
If you haven't already heard about it, let me introduce the BBC's "Tweet of the Day" programme.  Every week day, just before the 6.00am news (!)  there is a 90 second broadcast of a birdsong or bird call followed by an interesting few words about that particular British species. 
Cuckoo (RSPB)
It started on May 6th with David Attenborough introducing the cuckoo as the first of the 265 tweets that are coming our way.  In June the presenter is Miranda Krestovnikoff.  Today was the turn of the Razorbill.
If you go to the BBC website and search for "Tweet of the Day" you will find that the first 23 programmes are already available to download.  Here is the link:

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