Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mysterious creations

As well as a few dead tents and a plastic sheet bivouac, we occasionally find traces of attempted fire making. I'm sure I was better at this when I was a youngster.
This character cut off a sizeable piece of a living birch tree and seemed puzzled that it would not ignite.

If any of the phantom backwoodsmen see this blog, please be careful not to hack living wood off of trees and please don't light fires where they could damage tree roots.
The creative structure below is made entirely of fallen branches.  No harm to the living wood.  If it was for a shelter, the creator must be very small.

A rather splendid den has been built by some younger users of Filnore Woods.  Its in the palletian style, though a bit lacking in finish.  Perhaps they will be making it a little more rustic.  There are a few dead sticks on the top already.

This one near post 16 is in the early stages.
In another place, we even had a pentagram with candles.  Maybe a quiet wiccan celebration of the recent vernal equinox.

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  1. An excellent post. I love your sense of humour, they are a pleasure to read.

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