Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring flowers

Buds are popping so quickly that I have to show you a whole lot of different flowers in one post or they'll be gone.
First the Blackthorn is in flower all over the place.  It's a Prunus species, related to plum and cherry.
And on the increase at Filnore, we have the English Bluebell.

Then this strange sheath or hoodie is the flower of the Wild Arum ( or Lords and Ladies or Cuckoo Pint or Jack-in-the-pulpit and various other rude names).  The flowers attract tiny flies which pollinate them by briefly getting trapped inside.
This is Honesty, which may be a garden escape.

And having its springtime flush of flowers the humble, invasive but beautiful Dandelion.

If you cast your eyes upwards you may see the short-lived flower sprays of the Bird Cherry.

Lady's Smock or Cuckoo Flower is growing profusely in the skateboard/allotment field.

Spring is springing!
First four photos on this post are by Simon Harding

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