Sunday, 7 September 2014

Eliminating hazards

The path edgings and steps, which we have constructed at various points on the trail round Filnore Woods, were made from hazel poles and stakes coppiced from the woodland, with a filler of woodchip.  Unfortunately some of these poles become dislodged and have to be re-staked.  Please send an email to if you see any such hazards.
The trip hazard of the loose step in the lefthand photo below was quickly remedied with some extra stakes and woodchip.
Some unidentified lumberjacks of the future have been practising their undeveloped skills on some of our/your trees.  Here is a small alder tree chopped down in its prime
Once felled, it was obstructing the path a bit but presented no danger - except perhaps to the feller who cut it down without leaving a proper 'hinge' to direct the fall.

More hazardous was the sizeable birch tree cut through and left resting on other foliage, hanging over a path.
This had to be moved and laid on the ground.  Big thank you to the walker who told us about these hazards.

The trees have to be thinned out but we prefer to choose which trees and do it safely.  Perhaps these guys could offer their services as Filnore Friends Volunteers.  We can always do with more.

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