Monday, 22 September 2014

Hip hip hurrah - an autumn stroll

Rose hips shining on their thorny stems. 
One of the sights of autumn.

There's so much to see at this time of year so try and get out for a stroll while the good weather lasts, even if it's not sunny.
We have wild pear trees fruiting in the pylon field.

 And a different sort of fruit - the ash keys which carry the seeds all over the place.  Although we know about ash die-back threatening to kill 90% of our ashes, whichever trees survive will quickly re-colonise, I am sure.

If autumn seems like a sad time to you, with leaves falling to the ground and so many plants dying back, take comfort from the signs of next year's spring.  Already the hazel catkins are showing, ready to grow into 'lambstails' in January and February.

Speckled wood butterflies are still on the wing.  I tried to get close to these two sitting on dock leaves but they fluttered off.

One was still parked when I clicked the shutter but you can see his pal just taking off.

Signs of mammal life.  could it be a badger dropping?  I'm not sure but it was full of the remains of berries.

I can't resist another shot of Old Man's Beard.  In the pic below you can see flowers and seed pods on the same plant.

The garden cross spider females are fattening up with eggs for next year's spiderlings.  She will die in the frosts and never meet her children who will hatch out in the spring.  Sadness and hope together.

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