Monday, 6 October 2014

Children behaving badly

On Sunday the children in the picture were found in a group throwing stones at the tool store and at the trailer next to it.
They had previously been seen cycling through the woods. A 'jump' had been made out of the pile of woodchip, which had been heaped up right across the path near post 11.
The rear panel of the trailer was torn off.  It was eventually found buried in wodchip as part of the bike jump, which has been dimantled.
I was able to re-attach it to the trailer although the bottom board was damaged.
Much of the wood stored alongside the tool store had been flung into the nettles
along with five plants in pots, only two of which have been found.
Some missing equipment was found in the stream bed.  
The police have been notified and it would be helpful if anyone could identify any of these individuals so that a proper investigation can be carried out.  Any of the young cyclists who have been using this part of the wood might be able to shed light on the names and whereabouts of the perpetrators.
Filnore Woods is meant for the quiet enjoyment of all.  No-one has the right to spoil the place for other users.
I had hoped that the bikers would use the place responsibly but as we have found in the past (a) they ride fast without consideration for walkers, small children or dogs, (b) the use of bikes damages the paths, especially in wet weather.
So regretfully we have to ban bikes in Filnore Woods.  It would be helpful if anyone using the Woods could tell bikers that
bikes are not allowed in Filnore Woods
If enough people say it they may get used to the idea.

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