Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Prowling in search of Owls

Last night about 50 people, including about a dozen children, came on our OWL PROWL. Ian McGuire, our owl expert, took us on a walk round Filnore Woods and not only told us about all the owls found in the British Isles but also called in several owls.

We stopped at various places on the walk and Ian gave us short talks illustrated with slides and video clips on his i-pad.  Brilliant.


To everyone's delight Ian's skill at owl calls resulted in a pair of tawny owls flying over our heads and one owl perching briefly in a tree above us.
Although I know they fly, I somehow always think of them as dumpy little bundles of feathers sitting on a branch or peering out of a hollow tree. 
It was impressive to see how long their wings are and how graceful they are in flight.

Thanks to 'True Wild Life' blog for image
For more fascinating info check out Ian's website 'Wild Owl'

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