Monday, 12 January 2015

Dangerous trees

The silver maple tree in the foreground had a dead stem branching off from the base.  Already in April 2012 it had been marked with an orange spot to show it was ready to be removed.
But somehow we never got round to doing it and now the windy weather has removed it for us.  In the photos below, taken from the other side, you can see the broken stub and the long, dead stem leaning against some other trees.

This was now slightly more risky to walkers so the stub was shortened and the broken stem was taken down and made into a sort of bench for weary walkers or those who just want to sit, listen and look.
The other, larger, leaning silver maple tree shown in the photographs will also have to be taken down eventually as toastools of the velvelt shank fungus have appeared, showing that there is some decay in the stem.

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