Sunday, 25 January 2015


If moles go without food for long they starve, so they have to keep going through winter.  Much to my annoyance they throw up molehills on my lawn but there again they are doing a good job mixing,  aerating and draining the soil.  So I put up with them.  Really I should be honoured that my garden is a sanctuary for such pefectly designed little furry digging machines.
 Molehills at Thornbury Leisure Centre
Molehills are clearly obvious when in an open area but a bit harder to notice under a bush.  Every time you see one, be glad that at least some of our native mammals are not yet extinct. 
 Molehill under brambles near post 5 at Filnore Woods
Molehills are made when the mole comes up for a breather after digging a tunnel in its search for worms.  To keep a worm fresh for later, the mole bites it behind what you might laughingly call its head, to paralyse it, and stores it in an underground larder.  A bit like us popping some sausages in the fridge. 

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