Friday, 1 May 2015

Action Plan summary 2015-16

This is a summary of what we hope to achieve this year.

Friends of Filnore Woods
Filnore Woods Community Woodland
Action Plan Supplement, March 2015

Paths, steps and seating
Paths:  continue to maintain paths at 3m wide where possible.  Through grassland this will entail monthly mowing, in areas like the tree nursery field encroaching vegetation will need cutting back two or three times, woodland paths eg from posts 11 to 8, will need more levelling with woodchip and maintenance of wooden path edgers.

Steps from the allotments and near the footbridge will need fresh woodchip and maintenance of risers.  Possibility of installing new steps on steep stretch through blackthorn thicket between posts 8 and 9.

Seating:  Instal a second bench seat at the viewpoint and consider further seating possibilities

Grassland paths  short grass areas  long grass
Maintain grassland paths 3m wide by monthly mowing. 

Maintain short grass areas similarly at Welcome Area, Memorial Limes, Viewpoint, and other recently cleared areas e.g. near Cowshed

Cut at least some of the long grass areas as a start on a rotational mowing of the whole grassland resource.  This rotation may take some years to complete.

Stream   consolidate banks   clearance  dams
Near the footbridge various works to consolidate and stabilise the banks and render the footpath less boggy in winter.

Start clearance of vegetation along banks to enable access – eventually a new path through the Valley below posts 9 and 10.

Consider building dams, both permanent and childproof to (a) slow the flow of winter torrents and (b) create standing water in small ponds to attract wildlife including bats

Coppicing  conservation  wood   sales
Coppice a third coupe in winter 2015-16, from this year’s coupe up to the top.  Start a bit earlier, say in October, to get it done in time.  Wood to be used on site for steps, path edging, hedging stakes and hetherings, and material also cut with a view to sale of bean poles, plant stakes and maybe some peasticks.  Larger wood for firewood.  Some left as log piles and brash piles or dead hedging.  Principal purpose is to enhance habitat.

Lay another 25m or so of hedge on the other side of the entrance in February.  Liaise with allotment holders to make sure they are happy about the operation including access on their side of the hedge.  We don’t require their assistance this year until we are more expert.

Trees: safety & thinning
Continue monthly monitoring of trees, as well as other potential hazards, from a safety point of view.

Fell some more trees to re-space them, concentrating mostly on the ash.  This will provide material for e.g. seating or firewood, and will allow the remaining trees to grow better.  Currently much of the woodland contains trees with narrow drawn-up crowns because they are too close together,  and it is rather dark, which inhibits the development of a varied ground flora.

Dawn Chorus Walk: probably have a fifth one in late April 

Owl Prowl or Bat Walk:  this was previously arranged as part of the south Glos discover Festival but they are hoping for something new and innovative.  Hmmmm.

Cultural events?  Could we host an Arts Festival Event?

Campfire site
Fires in the woodland are a threat to tree health.  We could consider building a campfire site with young people in mind in places without trees such as the Viewpoint or the Cowshed.  Would they use them or do they prefer their own dens?  Would we provide firewood to stop them hacking bits off trees or using our wooden installations as fuel?

Monitoring of wildlife
Birds are still being monitored monthly by Rob Collis

Bristol Naturalists will conduct another invertebrate survey in 2016 or 2017

Flowering plants should be monitored again following the comprehensive survey by Allan Burberry and Cynthia Davis in 2012.

Action plan: This is a supplement updating the previous action plan dated 31st March 2014

Jerry Dicker 31st March 2015

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