Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring flowers

So many changes at this time of the year.  That's why I'm blogging so much at the moment.  Here are some photos of spring flowers from Filnore Woods -  some of them in focus!



Wild Arum or Cuckoo Pint or Jack in the Pulpit

Meadow Buttercups

Lady's Smock or . . . .     
   . . . . Cuckoo Flower (or Milkmaids, as I learnt today)

Lamb's Tongue or Ribwort Plantain


Ground Ivy

Bird Cherry high up and low down

 Bitter cress very low down

 White Deadnettle

and its relative, Yellow Archangel

The Blackthorn is nearly finished, 
dropping white confetti on the paths below

Wild Pear with its purple anthers like little black dots

and of course Bluebells

Hopefully Filnore Woods will look like these woods near Tortworth in years to come

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