Monday, 27 April 2015

Coppice produce

Our main reason for coppicing in Filnore Woods is to enhance the habitat.  By cutting down some of the shrubs and trees we let more light in.  This can result in coarse growth of nettles and brambles at first, but ultimately we hope to promote woodland flowering plants and ferns.

 A secondary purpose is to make use of the cut material.  Our annual sale of bean sticks and plant stakes earns us a bit of cash to support the work in the woods.

We can cut wood to order: beansticks, peasticks, rustic poles for pergolas, stakes of varied thickness, etc.  any length and any diameter.  We are also thinning out the trees so just ask if you think we might be able to provide what you need.

Alan saw this rival enterprise in Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia.

Alan says:

Kampong Chhnang is a major fishing port on the Tonle Sap river in Cambodia just a bit downstream from the Tonle Sap lake. Further down, the river feeds into the Mekong.
As you approach it up the river you pass through a collection of houses, shops and even a school and church that all float on the river. It’s generally known as the ‘floating village’ and is quite amazing to see. As you travel upstream it peters out and becomes the land based town of Kampong Chhnang.

If you put Kampong Chhnang into Google there are lots of pictures to be seen.

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