Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Song thrush

We used to have a thrush's anvil in our garden - a stone used by a song thrush to bash snails on to crack the shells.  This was good for the garden as it kept the snails down, and also meant we could hear the thrush's distinctive song.  The population of song thrushes has been in decline for a while now but we still have some at Filnore.

You can tell a song thrush because it repeats a lot of its phrases two or three times.  
Here are a couple of videos with sound from youtube.  
First from Superbarney79.  Thank you Superbarney.

And a slightly more hesitant singer 
from Bernard Wellings in Colwyn Bay.  Thanks, Bernard.

We shall hear thrushes on the
Dawn Chorus Walk round Filnore Woods, 
Sunday 26th April, 5.00 am

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