Monday, 30 November 2015

Queen wasp

A couple of days ago while I was at my computer, I was buzzed by a low flying aircraft.  It was a queen wasp.  She was probably looking for somewhere warm and dry to hibernate.  Only the queens survive the winter, carrying within them the eggs that will form the new colony of wasps next year.  She eventualy landed on the floor and I took the above snap of her.

Although an extra-large wasp flying just above my head gave me a bit of a shiver,  I admire these smart looking insects.  They feed almost exclusively on other invertebrates through the year and only become a nuisance at the end of the summer when there are no more grubs to feed.

If you have ever seen a wasps' nest you will know what a wonderful artefact it is, made entirely of paper which the wasps manufacture from wood which they gather and chew and mix with saliva.

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