Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The cowshed cafe

For some time now we have noticed random fires being lit in the woods.  

This frequently damages the trees, either burning and killing the bark or killing the invisible but vital roots beneath the soil.

Taken last winter

A year on, it can be seen that the lower bark has died for nearly half the circumference of the trunk.

So it might help if we provided a safe place for the pyros to light their fires.  The foundations of the old cowshed are concrete and could be a suitable location, acceptably private with a wall of undergrowth providing shelter.  

So our intrepid volunteers from Essilor gathered to clear the brambles and nettles.  Underneath this green covering lies a piece of agricultural archaeology. 

 When Filnore Woods was first created in 1998 the cowshed was still standing with several walls and a bit of roof.  It was used a lot by children and teenagers but eventually someone set fire to it and it had to be demolished for safety reasons.  We cleared it back in 2013  .  .  .

.  .  .  but then it got overgrown again.

So we decided to restore it as a safe place for youngsters to play out in the wilds and even have a fire without danger to the surrounding woods.  

Matt and Rob from Essilor piling up the vegetation they cleared in one morning

 Go Essilor go!

Woooo!  Somebody's set fire to it already!

Exhausting work but the bramble roots have been removed

And log seats arranged for a meeting.  

Let's see if anyone is interested.

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