Saturday, 30 April 2016

Jack by the Hedge and Lady's Smock

Currently, in the skate park field adjacent to Filnore Woods, there is a flush of Lady's Smock, along with the buttercups and dandelions.  

It is also known as Cuckoo Flower, because it flowers at the time the cuckoo arrives, 
and the less well-known name of Milkmaids.

We usually get some near post 5 in the woods but I haven't noticed them yet this year

Lady's Smock is one of the foodplants for the caterpillars of the orange tip butterfly.

The other favourite foodplant for these caterpillars is Garlic Mustard or Jack-by-the-Hedge.

This plant gets its name by the way the individual flower stems stand stiffly vertical alongside roadside hedges.

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