Friday, 15 April 2016

Bird Cherry

The Bird Cherry tree is one of the earlier trees to leaf up in spring and it also produces attractive sprays of white flowers.

It is more common in the north of England and in Scotland but we have a few in Filnore Woods and they are blooming NOW.

Once the flowers have gone it is harder to recognise the tree.  The bark may have little orange spots (lenticels) and the leaves are errrm .  .  .  . leaf-shaped and a dull textured green, with tiny little teeth round the edge.  However, if you pick a leaf or two and examine the stalk where it joins the leaf, you will find two little pimples.  These glands can be found near the junction of leaf and stalk on all cherries - a useful clue for identification.

It doesn't like the deep shade of woods and grows best on the woodland edge or out in the open, where the flowers are a welcome sight.

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