Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cheerful Chaffinch

Yesterday in Filnore Woods I heard the 'pink' 'pink' 'pink' call of a chaffinch.  The male chaffinch does have a bright pink waistcoat and face to match his call, which helps me remember who is calling.   He's not so bright pink as the male bullfinch (see blogpost for 6th Jan) and where the bullfinch has a black cap pulled down over his eyes, the chaffinch has a paler, blue-grey bonnet on top.
from wildaboutgardens website
Although it's early days yet, I heard him singing his full territorial song as well. Check it out on Brett Westwood's website (see 'helpful links' on the right). The song is a falling cadence of notes with a little flourish at the end. Makes me think of someone tumbling downstairs and then jumping up unscathed at the bottom.
Like so many birds, the female is a drabber version of the male.  This little lady in the photo below has a beakful of nest material for the new home.
from Equso
Both male and female show bright white stripes on their wings when they take off and fly away.
from the rspb site

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