Monday, 18 March 2013

Nestboxes for birds

 At Filnore Woods we have very few mature trees with holes in them.  This means we are short of nesting sites for hole-nesting birds like great tits, blue tits and coal tits. 

From Thornbury in Bloom and Avon Wildlife Trust we have been given two woodcrete nestboxes and six wooden kits.  Woodcrete is a mixture of woodchip and concrete that makes a durable and well-insulated nestbox.  See the photograph from the Schwegler website on the right.

The kits had to be assembled before installation.  Here you see Alan and Rob solving the puzzle.


In no time at all (!) they had cracked it and assembled their first box.

It really wasn't that difficult so soon all six wooden boxes were assembled and ready to take to the woods.

We installed the boxes at the recommended height between 2m and 4m up in trees in 8 different places in Filnore Woods.  We hope this will enable more birds to feel at home there.


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