Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Self-guided Trail - a post about posts

Thanks to a South Gloucestershire Environmental Grant we have been able to update and print our latest edition of the self-guided trail leaflet.  Copies are obtainable from Thornbury Library, Thornbury Town Hall and Thornbury Leisure Centre.


The trail is marked by twenty numbered posts each with a white stripe taped round the top.


Number 9 is now permanently at an angle - rather rakish.  Number 17 was broken off during grass cutting and will be replaced.  It's just perched in the brambles for now.

Number 2 is on a cherry tree
and number 18 is on a huge old beech tree
A few trees have also been marked with a band of white tape to help you find your way between the numbered posts


Start at post 1
It's near the interpretation board just inside the main entrance. 


With the leaflet in your hand you can follow the trail from post 1 to post 20, which takes in the whole site.  If you prefer you can take a shorter walk.  The leaflet contains a few notes on what to look out for and a map of the whole Filnore Woods site.

As well as painting the numbers, Alan re-touched the sign
 - just in case you thought there was no eff in Filnore

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