Saturday, 24 August 2013

Surveying Invertebrates

We had hoped to conduct an invertebrate (creepy-crawly) survey on Sunday 4th August but unfortunately the rain stopped most of the little creatures from showing themselves.  Tony Smith and Tony Cotterell from Bristol Naturalists turned up anyway and had a look round the site in preparation for another visit at some time in the future.

Tony Cotterell and Tony Smith inspecting what has fallen on to the beating tray

The point of a survey is to see what is there.  Over time we hope successive surveys will show an increase in species recorded and in the abundance of individuals of any one species.

I snapped a few hoverflies
and some soldier beetles getting friendly with each other 

a seven-spot ladybird

and a friendly little saw-fly
I thought we saw only half a dozen invertebrates but Tony sent me a list of 22 species seen and identified.  I'll find some pictures of them and blog them up in future posts.

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