Friday, 2 August 2013

Wild Flowers in August

Here are some flowers to look out for in August at Filnore Woods.  We have yellow ones and we have purple/mauve/pink ones.

First the Ragwort.  We pull up much of the ragwort as it can cause problems to livestock if it spreads on to grazing land.  On the other hand it is a good nectar source for insects and the foodplant for the Cinnabar Moth caterpillar, with their black and yellow striped coats, so we leave a bit.  There's a huge amount around the skateboard park.

Similar at a glance but actually quite different is the Perforate St Johns Wort
Our last yellow candidate is the Agrimony or Aaron's Rod
The mauve flowers are popular with butterflies.  This is the Greater Knapweed.with its tufted flowers. 

We also have the Common Knapweed or Hardheads with smaller flowers.
Creeping thistle is also popular for nectar with butterflies and bees
But the beauty is the Scabious.  Not so many at Filnore as last year so I hope we are not cutting the grass at the wrong time.

And below is a photo of the little Centaury.  I haven't seen one this year but last year this little character was growing under the pylon lines.

Let me know if you spot one

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