Monday, 26 August 2013

This new post at the top of Vilner Lane is to draw attention to the footpath leading through the 'tree nursery field' section of Filnore Woods.  A lot of people miss out this part of the site as they don't realise it is part of Filnore Woods.
You can see post 13 further back and to the right.  Follow the path and you come to the land of Rosebay Willow Herb.
Past the line of Beech trees near post 14 you come to post 15 and a collection of other odd species of tree formerly part of Northavon Council's tree nursery.
After the leaning Silver maple tree . . .
. . . the path doubles back at number 16 painted on a tree,

and leads you through the old hedge

and back into the cowshed field to the new post 17.

Find your way with one of our trail leaflets available from Thornbury Library, the Town Hall, the Leisure Centre or in the leaflet holder just inside the entrance to Filnore Woods.


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