Friday, 7 March 2014

Preserving wildlife - a message to pass on

We are very grateful to dog walkers who bag up their dog's faeces and take it away.  There are two well-used dog-bins just by the field gate of the car park.  Thank you.
But I'm afraid bagging it up and leaving it on the ground is not much good.  The stuff will be nicely preserved inside its plastic bag.  Really it's worse than not clearing up at all. 
 I found four parcels this week.

This one was easy to retrieve, nicely placed by the noticeboard.

But this one has been around a while.  It's easy to see but hard to reach in the middle of a bramble bush.

  Unfortunately we have to pick these offerings up and take them to the bin ourselves.

 So please pass this message on:  "Bag it up and TAKE IT AWAY".

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