Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Violets showing

The first violets are peeping through.  Look for them in Filnore Woods between post 8 and post 10 in the Valley Woodland. 

They could be Dog Violet (Viola riviniana)  or Wood Violet (Viola reichenbachiana).  These below are Wood Violet, also known as Early Dog Violet.  The way to tell is to look at the spur behind the flower.  Look at the back of the flower on the left, in the photo below.
If the spur is lighter than the flower or even cream coloured, it's V. riviniana.  If the spur is darker than the flower, it's V. reichenbachiana.  
[My way of remembering is to think of the Reichenbach Falls as a place where dark deeds were done]
Photo Simon Harding
And at the top of Vilner Lane just near the Paddock section of Filnore Woods are some white Sweet Violets (Viola odorata).  They're the only violets with runners, like strawberry runners, and our only fragrant violets. 
They can be dark purple, mauve or even white, as captured here by Simon. 

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